London South Collegiate Institute
Class of 1971


Help Us Locate Our “Lost” Classmates

We've done our best to locate as many classmates as possible, and still, after many months of searching by various means, there are a number of classmates that we just haven't been able to connect with, either by phone or email. For some, we thought we had a current email, only to have our emails rejected. 😞

Do you know how to connect with any of the following classmates?

Barb Heathfield
Bev (Hobart) Valkenier
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Williams
Brian Egleston
Casey Steltonpool
Chic Allison
Clare (Evershed) Cochrane
Darlene Durrant
Dave Cantelon
David Foster
David Southcott
Diane (Gregory) Wearing
Diane (Wilsher) Gibson
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Gary Hazelwood
George Mahas
Greg Murray
Heather Stevens
Jacqui Rann
Jane (Yates) Piche
Janet McKay
Jeff Patterson
Jennifer (England) Brown
Joan Forbes
John Moffat
Judi Ruskey
Julia (Newbury) Shriner
Kathy McPherson
Kathy Mihm
Kathy Smith
Ken Adams
Ken Nishizaki
Kent Cummings
Larry Williams
Laurie Wells
Louise Dell
Mae Louie
Marg Peterson
Marlene (Stratton) Lucio
Marliese (Gripp) Weisel
Martha (Reid) Andrews
Mary Mitchell
Mike Turcott
Mimi (DePauw) Cummings
Nancy Clements
Nancy Dareichuk
Nancy (Lawrence) Cook
Neil Robertson
Pat Smith
Pat (Styvers) Talbot
Patrick Burke
Paul Senuita
Phyllis (Reed) Stallard
Rae Crone
Ron Wypkema
Sandra Hines
Steve St. Michael
Susan (Nash) Nunez
Susan (Yates) Rivett
Tom Partalis
Tony Ambrogio
Wendy (Betkus) Wood
Wendy Sherret
Wendy Hough

Use the following form to share with us what you know about how to connect with our “lost” classmates. We really do want to reconnect with everyone, one way or another! Thanks so much, in advance, for your help!

PLEASE NOTE: Providing any contact information is only for the use of the Planning Committee, in order to keep everyone up-to-date on what's happening. All information provided will remain confidential!

Email Address:

On the upside…

We are in contact with the following people (well over half the class!):

Al Bocking
Alan Hillman
Alan Merkley
Allison (McCollin) McCollin
Andy Moyer
Barb (Fisher) Arnold
Barrie Cope
Bernie Capitano
Beverly (Draisey) Noble
Bill Myles
Bill Wigle
Brenda (McFalls) Lang
Brenda (Westmacott) McDowell
Brian Bondett
Brian Gray
Brian Lang
Brian Rice
Bruce Atkins
Bruce Casler
Carol Casey
Cathy Leggett
Cathy (Osborne) Rice
Chris Aikenhead
Chris Haley
Craig Robinson
Darrell Wells
David Broadhead
Debbie Obokata
Debbie Pinner
Debi Stock
Denise (Cleland) Yausie
Diana (Powe) Muise
Dianne (Peaslee) Fukushima
Dick Haylock
Don Robinson
Doug Moore
Eileen Fletcher
Elizabeth Harrington
Ford Evans
Gail Tedford
Gary Newton
Glenn Fisher
Glenna (Moir) Eayrs
Gordon Rose
Grant McNeil
Greg Nadjiwon
Herman Goodden
Irene (Kaptur) Hovey
Jackie (Ballantyne) Campbell
Jackie (Guymer) Capewell
Jane (MacDonald) Shirley
Janet (Wilson) Mayr
Janice (Scarffe) Adams
Jean (McNab) Anderson
Jeannette (MacVicar) O'Neil
Jeff Bird
Jim Chambers
Jim Smith
John Burr
John Hay
John Lauckner
John Webb
Karen (Clarke) Young
Kathy Gowdey
Karen (Russell) Reid
Kathy (Trimble) Lillico
Kathy (Watson) Daly
Kirtley Jarvis
Larry Haskell
Lee (Allison) Howe
Leslie Lee
Linda (Dutrizac) Fletcher
Lynn (Farrow) Lee
Marilynne (Hanes) Williamson
Mark Bushchlen
Marlene (Savgorodny) Coward
Martha (Cameron) McLaughlin
Mary (Zajc) Fajdiga
Mary-Gene Lewis
Mary-Jo (Nelligan) Jansenberger
Maureen McParland
Mike Cornell
Norma (Crawford) Wright
Pam Grant
Pat (Carroll) Farmer
Pat Flanagan
Penny (Lennox) Mitchell
Randy Bolton
Robbie Haddow
Ron Bankes
Ron McLagan
Ron Monck
Sheena (Cameron) Roberts
Sheila (Murray) Tateishi
Steve Doholis
Susan (Cram) McWilliams
Susan Currie
Susan (Pope) Smythe
Susan (Wakeling) Jeffrey
Suzanne (Browning) Gazarek
Ted Lawson
Ted Poppe
Terry (Humphrey) Morrow
Tim Speake
Tom Taylor
Wendy Talbot
Zeljko Zuvela
Zoltan Balogh
Zoltan Vigh